Client testimonials

“Kim is a mensch. His sessions are like emotional workouts, in the best sense: you do the exercise that you need to do in order to get in shape emotionally. He’s there as a trainer, guiding your effort as per your need, and always doing so quietly and with modesty, maturity and sensitivity. Empathy, too. I came away from the experience with more confidence and less anxiety–much less. This priceless outcome has lasted, so far, anyway. I heartily recommend Kim.”
Tony, writer


”I have come to understand that there is a more profound and
fundamental part of my individuality than my everyday persona. I have
always known that it was there, of course. But with the dream therapy it has a new life, space and energy. If I was a tree, then dream therapy has reopened the veins that transport water and nourishment from the earth and the roots to the branches and leaves. In many respects it is common for all people. True. But the way in which it expresses itself is unique.”

Helle, teacher


”Therapy with Kim Dambæk is like meeting a close and warm friend. Kim works with great compassion and care, thereby creating space for trust and comfort. I warmly recommend Kim.”
Thomas, family counselor

Course testimonials

”The fact that the performance not only took place but was a resounding success, gave the youths a renewed sense of community: ”We’ve created something special together, something greater than ourselves, something no one imagined. It makes us special, we can take ourselves seriously, we are to be reckoned with in the future”. Or viewed as a formula:
social and esthetic skill development + creating a common risky and valuable product = increased self esteem.”

Stina B. Mortensen, psychologist and counselor


”THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! It was most moving. And uplifting too to see ”your actors’” radiant eyes and their fight – an important reminder of how relevant it is to protect the resources actually owned by those who are marginalised in our society. And that it is the duty of us, strong on resources, to bring this forth. Respect!
The power of theatre is indeed aweinspiring …”

Michael Moritzen, director and actor