I am a certified psychotherapist graduated from the Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy,
Denmark and offer sessions that relate to the mind, body and soul.
The process I initiate with a client will relate to our conversation, awareness of what is sensed in the body and to the dreams the client has.
The aim of the therapy is to be made conscious of existing possibilities and ressources and
acting upon them.
The length of therapy will vary according to the client’s needs.

Chooosing therapy
I have knowledge and experience of working with clients of all sexes and all ages.
Some of the areas covered by therapy can be:
● Sense of blockage in life
● Stress sensations
● Relationship pains
● Anxiety feelings
● Low self esteem
● Sleeplessness
● Traumatic experiences
● Deep rooted grief
● Unease about sexuality
● Self development and Mindfulness

My background
The focus of my work is on human social, creative and spiritual skills and their development.
I have also worked for many years as a director staging productions at theatres throughout Scandinavia and Great Britain.
I have extensive experience teaching creative skills to young people and adults.
I am bilingual (English-Danish) and have English speaking clients.